Best Home Rock Climbing Walls on the Web

Best Home Rock Climbing Walls on the Web

This ain’t no hack “best home rock climbing wall” gallery. If it’s not cool or doesn’t have something worth learning, you won’t find it here. I’ve scoured the web to find the most legit inspirational home walls built by climbers, so you don’t have to wade through the art-project walls designed by interior designers and architects.Home Rock Climbing Walls Subscribe

Top wall! Be inspired and get building.

Email arrived from Greg Stokes with pics of his jaw-dropper home rock climbing wall attached and I instantly wished I lived in an airplane hangar—without the plane, but with lots of lumber. Not actually in a hangar, Greg’s well-thought-out wall rises to a 12 foot ceiling, spans 1100 sq ft of climbable surface, and makes even some commercial gym bouldering areas look blah. Spared no expense for the floor either, 6 inches of dual density foam with carpet custom seamed, rolled, and cinched tighter than my forearms after a V1 (haha). I’ll hopefully get a chance to ask him a few more questions in the future about this amazing effort and post some tips. Stay tuned.

home rock climbing wall greg 4

Okay, yeah, this one is mine. It inspired the creation of though, so it’s making the list.


Climbing hold envy!

Don’t know what to say about this one, but I am insanely jealous of all those holds. I’ve got no problem with t-nut spacing that tight either if you’ve got ’em. Definitely a work of art. Photo courtesy of Steven Jeffery.
Steven J Jeffery 3


Welcome to the Boneyard – a visionary home rock climbing wall

Props to Jay Bone for seeing epic climbing potential in an old car port. Called The Boneyard, this ambitious home rock climbing wall is approximately 38’x16′ on the ground, 10′ high, and when complete will have around 650 sq feet of climbing surface.
Check out this tight series of construction photos on Facebook to see The Boneyard come to life.
Home Rock Climbing Wall - Jay Bone


My first early-on garage climbing wall

Looks a little outclassed next to some of these others, but a useful tip: See the conveniently out-of-the-way mattress so a car can still pull in the garage? Release the strap and it’s time to climb. The mattress in this position also doubles as a climbing-prevention mechanism if you have unsupervised little ones cruising around—and so long as they don’t see the other wall right next to it.

garage rock climbing wall


Best of the rest

Pinterest users? Follow this board for additional inspiration. 

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5 responses to Best Home Rock Climbing Walls on the Web

  1. Hi there!

    Love the site, such a great idea! I have a little climbing wall in my backyard that’s gone through quite a few transitions since being put up at the beginning of the year. My brothers and I use it regularly and I even created a FB page for it to keep everyone using it updated on changes and additions to it. Due to my name and living in California I thought el CapiDan was a good name for it. I’ll have to update the page again here soon, but feel free to share it if you think it’s up to the standards of the other walls shown.

    Thanks for creating a page like this, great way to bring fellow “woodies” together!


  2. Sent you a message on Facebook of a home gym!!

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