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It was bound to happen. I’ve backpacked and scrambled around in the mountains for hundreds of rugged miles in Chaco sandals. This time, hefting a 65 pound pack and carelessly moving down a loose downhill stretch of dusty trail, it all caught up with me. I was in the Ruby Mountains, NV when it happened and like a wooden pencil in the hands of an angry school teacher my 5th metatarsal snapped in three pieces when I rolled my ankle during an unfortunate stumble.

After a week of crutches rubbing my armpits raw and not being able to carry anything without donning a fanny pack, I picked up an iWalk 2.0 knee crutch. From day-one it was easy to get used to and I quickly had enough balance to be able to dodge pirate jokes that were, as-expected, flying at me from all directions.

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The broken foot has me missing all of my outdoor hobbies something fierce, so I strapped on the peg leg and made a short video of myself climbing the home wall. I am looking forward to rehabbing my post-surgery foot on the wall this winter. Until then, “Cheers!”

You can check out the iWalk 2.0 on Amazon by clicking here.


Not trying to get too Ninja Warrior or CrossFit here, but a good old rope climb equals some intense exercise and fun in the home climbing gym when your finger tips have been demolished by the plastic. Our home climbing wall ceiling has a 15 foot peak, probably about the minimum for installing one of these, although kids would enjoy any size. I started shopping around online for gym ropes and “fast” ropes and was immediately surprised at the prices: This one for example: 

Crossfit Gym Rope

I found a post on that showed a simple way to make a fatty gym rope out of a used climbing rope. A few quick inquiries to climbing friends landed a used 60 meter rope in my possession, free of charge. The video above details the steps for those interested in adding one to their home climbing gym. If your climbing area is vertically challenged this would be equally fun in a big tree, just beware that some, especially kids, will expend all of their energy going up and not save anything for the descent or they’ll get scared and freeze at the top, which could lead to dangerous falls. 

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My kids and their friends like climbing and swinging on the rope so much that the climbing wall is not getting as much use as it once was. I’m sure the newness of the rope addition will wear off and things will equalize. The good news is they are pushing themselves and getting stronger. If you make one of these be sure your ceiling structure is strong enough to support it. Spread the load out across as many trusses as you can. 

Synrock Climbing Hold Review

December 12, 2015 — 9 Comments

Synrock Climbing Hold Review 9Jim B., owner of Synrock climbing holds, is not shy about his claim of climbing hold material superiority. A prominent section of the Synrock website is dedicated to blasting plastic holds, the dominant material used in the industry today–polyurethane usually. Whether you agree with him or not, his conviction is notable and it does translate into quality products. Continue Reading…

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Nine times out of ten if someone asks how they can make their home climbing wall better the answer is “volumes.” The other one time out of ten is “steeper,” but we’ll cover that later. Just this past weekend I completed my third home climbing wall and after the first steep section was up I immediately realized that a lot of my favorite holds that performed great at 0-30 degree angles, now at 40-60 degree angles had similar grip potential to that wet watermelon seed you were trying to pick up off the floor at grandma’s house. Continue Reading…

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Collaborate with other builders and be inspired has launched a brand new forum dedicated entirely to home rock climbing walls. Share your pics, ask your questions, connect with other home rock climbing wall builders.

Currently the best place we have to collaborate is Facebook, which is good for a quick share or pic, but makes a poor place for a permanent, searchable, categorizable forum. Continue Reading…

atomik climbing holds contest

Congratulations our Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the most recent rock climbing hold and Atomik Bomb giveaway, sponsored by Atomik Climbing Holds! Big thanks to them for making this possible!

climbing holds directory - atomicThe winners are:

1st Place – 60 Pack of Atomik Holds:

Nate Castner

2nd Place – Large pair of Atomik Bombs:

Zachary Levy

For the rest of you that entered, your subscription to the page will qualify you for future climbing hold and gear giveaways, so not to worry. In the meantime enjoy the site—some great submissions are coming in to the rock climbing wall gallery page (keep ’em coming!), plus a wall builder interview/article is in the works for one of the best home walls I’ve ever seen. Check back soon!

Welcome to The Boneyard

December 17, 2013 — 6 Comments

Home Rock Climbing Wall - Jay Bone

A Visionary Home Rock Climbing Wall

Look around, you might have a perfect spot for a world-class home rock climbing wall right under your nose—or junk-tified carport. Jay Bone, home rock climbing wall visionary, shows us how it’s done by turning this rickety backyard structure into a drool-inducing home rock climbing wall, respectfully named The Boneyard. Check out the Wall Gallery for a few details, plus a link to the construction photo series (don’t miss this).

best built home rock climbing wall Fresh in the Home Rock Climbing Wall Gallery

So inspired by this photo submission from Greg S.! Check out a few more pics, plus read some impressive details in the Home Rock Climbing Wall Gallery.

home rock climbing wall ice axeNew Walls Added to the Gallery. Check It!

Take me there now!

photo cred – Bill Sacks