Content with your home climbing wall? Avoid these pics at all costs.

January 6, 2014 — 8 Comments

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Wall pics generously shared by Rene Keyzer-André and Margarita Martinez

My Home Rock Climbing Wall Just Got A Whole Lot Smaller

Months ago I was so content with my basement home rock climbing wall, neatly tucked into a cozy corner of a windowless room. Now thanks to walls like this one built by Rene and Margarita, all I can think about is moving my family into an abandoned warehouse and sleeping on mattresses positioned as fall-break padding for bouldering friends and family. Not going to happen, but still fun to see what the experienced wall builders can do with lumber, plywood, and in this case some crazy-amazing tape measuring skills (wishing I’d have done better in geometry class, sigh…). For an aspiring home wall builder to get a glimpse like this behind the plywood of a complex and massive structure, the experience is solid gold.

Huge thanks to both Rene Keyzer-André and Margarita Martinez for being so willing to share these inspiring pictures of one of the best personal climbing walls on the planet.

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A One Question Interview With Rene Keyzer-André:

Kirk: I’ve burned so much time studying photos of your most recent climbing wall and they tell a lot on their own, but please share a few details about this amazing endeavor.

Rene: Margarita and I have had our own private bouldering place since 1997 in the first shop, then moved it to another place in the winter of 2010, and finally here in Richmond, KY. Our wall is 15 1/2 ft tall by 39 ft wide. We average between 180-220 t-nuts per full sheet of plywood and have approximately 1600-1700 holds. I have built about 13 walls/gyms over the years. We also have all the area behind the wall as usable space with hang board, weights, and a stretching area. We operate as a small co-op with members to help cover some of the costs.

Want to discuss what it would take to pull off a wall build like this (or maybe a little smaller)? Register for the Home Rock Climbing Wall Forums by clicking “Login” up top and discuss with others, or drop a line in the comments below. Please show your appreciation for Rene and Margarita’s generosity by sharing this post below.

8 responses to Content with your home climbing wall? Avoid these pics at all costs.

  1. Wow, super inspiring. Of course now my wall does feel a lot smaller!

  2. nice one. I had seen this one before but no construction pics. beauty framing job!

  3. I assume it’s because of cost, but why don’t I see more walls with textured surfaces?

    • Your probably right about cost being the main factor. Another reason I’ve read and agree with is that because of the low height of most home walls it is best to have them overhanging at an angle that will give a considerable amount of excersize in a small amount of distance. These angles generally don’t provide much foot smearing opportunity, which would be a main reason for texture. So, no need really. I did a post recently highlighting a guy who shared a tip to opportunistically use skateboard grip tape for on wall texture in places where it makes sense. Like an arête or on a volume. It’s just a couple posts back.

      • One thing I did to add texture to most of my surfaces was to sprinkle sand across the boards as I painted them. It seemed to work really well and after an additional coat or two the sand stays in place pretty well. Also if you’re careful about it you can use a hammer to make indentations in the wood which can also vary up the flat surface a bit.

  4. Holy mackerel. Is there a cost ballpark?

  5. We don’t use texture because it wears out your shoes faster something not needed during training. We buy good wood to make our walls to look beautiful on the natural color. We have 15 1/2 feet vertical height, the walls are much taller if you count the climbing surface. Thank you, margarita

  6. This is amazing! I’m looking to build a small wall in our attached garage for my kids. I have 2 boys (ages 2 and 4) who are obsessed with the idea, so we’re going venture out and see if this is something they would enjoy. We live in Bowling Green, Kentucky (about 2 1/2 hours from Richmond)….is this wall of Rene’s open to the public? I’d love to take the boys and let them see it and gauge their interest.

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