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Wall pics generously shared by Rene Keyzer-André and Margarita Martinez

My Home Rock Climbing Wall Just Got A Whole Lot Smaller

Months ago I was so content with my basement home rock climbing wall, neatly tucked into a cozy corner of a windowless room. Now thanks to walls like this one built by Rene and Margarita, all I can think about is moving my family into an abandoned warehouse and sleeping on mattresses positioned as fall-break padding for bouldering friends and family. Not going to happen, but still fun to see what the experienced wall builders can do with lumber, plywood, and in this case some crazy-amazing tape measuring skills (wishing I’d have done better in geometry class, sigh…). For an aspiring home wall builder to get a glimpse like this behind the plywood of a complex and massive structure, the experience is solid gold. Continue Reading…

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Collaborate with other builders and be inspired

www.homerockclimbingwalls.com has launched a brand new forum dedicated entirely to home rock climbing walls. Share your pics, ask your questions, connect with other home rock climbing wall builders.

Currently the best place we have to collaborate is Facebook, which is good for a quick share or pic, but makes a poor place for a permanent, searchable, categorizable forum. Continue Reading…

DIY climbing hold grip tapeNot your typical commercial climbing hold, but if you’ve got an arête on your home climbing wall, this is a cool trick to have on deck—I just had to throw in at least one skateboard reference, even if the all-too-obvious pun. Continue Reading…

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Congratulations our Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the most recent rock climbing hold and Atomik Bomb giveaway, sponsored by Atomik Climbing Holds! Big thanks to them for making this possible!

climbing holds directory - atomicThe winners are:

1st Place – 60 Pack of Atomik Holds:

Nate Castner

2nd Place – Large pair of Atomik Bombs:

Zachary Levy

For the rest of you that entered, your subscription to the page will qualify you for future climbing hold and gear giveaways, so not to worry. In the meantime enjoy the site—some great submissions are coming in to the rock climbing wall gallery page (keep ’em coming!), plus a wall builder interview/article is in the works for one of the best home walls I’ve ever seen. Check back soon!

Welcome to The Boneyard

December 17, 2013 — 6 Comments

Home Rock Climbing Wall - Jay Bone

A Visionary Home Rock Climbing Wall

Look around, you might have a perfect spot for a world-class home rock climbing wall right under your nose—or junk-tified carport. Jay Bone, home rock climbing wall visionary, shows us how it’s done by turning this rickety backyard structure into a drool-inducing home rock climbing wall, respectfully named The Boneyard. Check out the Wall Gallery for a few details, plus a link to the construction photo series (don’t miss this).

best built home rock climbing wall Fresh in the Home Rock Climbing Wall Gallery

So inspired by this photo submission from Greg S.! Check out a few more pics, plus read some impressive details in the Home Rock Climbing Wall Gallery.

home-rock-climbing-walls-climbing-hold-giveawayGrand Prize: 60 Pack of Atomik Climbing Holds

Note: Contest closed 12/18/13. Winner will be contacted and announced soon.

Fresh from the factory and ready to fill your home rock climbing wall. 60 quality holds from small to extra-large. Don’t have a wall yet? All the excuse you need to start building.

Continue Reading…

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Home Rock Climbing Wall Route Setting Tools Wandering Off?

If you’ve had a home rock climbing wall for longer than a day, you’ve probably already spent what feels like a lifetime searching for your misplaced route setting allen wrench. New holds itching to get on the wall. Large holds spinning under body weight. Where is that thing! Continue Reading…

home rock climbing wall ice axeNew Walls Added to the Gallery. Check It!

Take me there now!

photo cred – Bill Sacks

building a home rock climbing wall

The most comprehensive source of home rock climbing wall information

Welcome to the internet’s most comprehensive source of home rock climbing wall information. Let me guess, you’re a climber who can’t be away from the crag five minutes without daydreaming of how you are going to send your current climbing project. Maybe you spent your hard-earned gym membership cash on cams this summer, or maybe you’re just a parent looking for something to keep your kids active and off the iPad for a while.

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