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practical climbing chalk bucket close-up

Note: Somebody is getting a free Practical Chalk Bucket later this month. It could be you. Details coming soon.

Searching For The Perfect Chalk Bucket

Having only seen chalk bags previously, the first time I ever saw a chalk bucket at a climbing gym, I have to admit I thought I was on the set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. That was years ago and there were no similar surprises when I received a Crosshatch Chalk Bucket from Practical Climbing last week. I was already expecting one of the best chalk buckets available after polling a couple of online forums and having many climbers point me in their direction (Organic, Voodoo, and Dirtbag were also noteworthy contenders). Continue Reading…

home climbing wall buildDead-center in Canada’s BC province (half-way to Alaska for lower 48ers) Greg Stokes, home climbing wall builder, climber, and all-around adventurist, has built a home rock climbing wall worth driving half-way to Alaska to see—and you can bet he’d be happy to have you. Continue Reading…

Stay strong all year with an indoor home rock climbing wall

Building a permanent home rock climbing wall may seem monumental on the scale of commitment to in-home recreation—requiring an unbelievably cooperative spouse if your married. I am here to tell you that it is—and it does.

However, consider the value of every minute you and your children aren’t staring listlessly at moving pixels on a smartphone or television. And while there is nothing better than getting outside, sometimes it’s either just too hot, too dark, or too “winter” to get out.

Getting the green light

So, timing is everything. Catch your spouse after they’ve settled the tenth argument of the day over who plays the iPad next and you’ll be staring at a green light to convert the Continue Reading…