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How to Make Two Climbing Holds on the Cheap

I recently saw in the background of someone’s home climbing wall photo a bowling ball mounted to the wall. A trip to the thrift store and four dollars later, I was ready to start cutting. Check out the video to see the construction detail and to find out how I sawed through the thing.

Some Bowling Ball Climbing Holds Afterthoughts

climbinb After Climbing Magazine featured this video here, I quickly learned that half the viewers loved this idea and half thought that someone might break their fingers off in the holes. In practical use I haven’t seen anyone putting more than their fingers up to the first knuckle, but it could happen, so I’d advise after mounting this on the wall to shallow up the holes with some balls of tape, or other foreign objects. Or completely restrict the holes from being used, add texture, and just use them as nasty slopers.

I have also purchased a second ball for $6 that I am going to be sawing into different shapes. I think I can get about 50 foot chips out of this much material.

If you try something out like this please share below in the comments!

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DIY CrossFit Jump BoxBuild a CrossFit plyometric jump box and you are either going to have legit piece of garage-style fitness equipment, or you will have a killer place to sit down in between sending (or trying to send) difficult problems at the home climbing wall. At our wall there is a lot of standing around looking dazed during the lull between climbing attempts–something I am hoping to change.  Continue Reading…

home climbing wall volume

Nine times out of ten if someone asks how they can make their home climbing wall better the answer is “volumes.” The other one time out of ten is “steeper,” but we’ll cover that later. Just this past weekend I completed my third home climbing wall and after the first steep section was up I immediately realized that a lot of my favorite holds that performed great at 0-30 degree angles, now at 40-60 degree angles had similar grip potential to that wet watermelon seed you were trying to pick up off the floor at grandma’s house. Continue Reading…

It took Brent Barghahn’s easy to follow video tutorial on making climbing holds to get me to put down my climbing-wall hammer and post for the first time in too many months. I’ve been intensely focused on building first a large shed and then a sizable home climbing wall inside it. The project is about 5% shy of completion at which point I’ll have loads of new climbing wall build content to post, but first I have to take a break to share this great video.

It isn’t that Brent is sharing something new or secret in this ten minute video, most of the content can be found on any of several other websites, it is how simple he makes it all seem and with intoxicating enthusiasm. After my third time watching it I blacked out and came to at a craft store holding several blocks of floral foam and smelling strongly of home decor and potpourri. My first hold is already carved and ready for casting.

Of course there are many ways to make your own climbing holds and debating methods and materials is a hobby for some in itself, but what Brent has created is a solid starting point towards making respectable climbing holds with materials that are easily obtained. Thanks for sharing Brent.

Note: In the YouTube video’s comments is it suggested that only Type I silicone and not Type II will set up properly. The soap must also supposedly contain glycerine for it to work. Dawn Ultra Blue is suggested in the same comments. Good luck!

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DIY climbing hold grip tapeNot your typical commercial climbing hold, but if you’ve got an arête on your home climbing wall, this is a cool trick to have on deck—I just had to throw in at least one skateboard reference, even if the all-too-obvious pun. Continue Reading…