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practical climbing chalk bucket close-up

Note: Somebody is getting a free Practical Chalk Bucket later this month. It could be you. Details coming soon.

Searching For The Perfect Chalk Bucket

Having only seen chalk bags previously, the first time I ever saw a chalk bucket at a climbing gym, I have to admit I thought I was on the set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. That was years ago and there were no similar surprises when I received a Crosshatch Chalk Bucket from Practical Climbing last week. I was already expecting one of the best chalk buckets available after polling a couple of online forums and having many climbers point me in their direction (Organic, Voodoo, and Dirtbag were also noteworthy contenders). Continue Reading…

home climbing wall plywood 19

Wall pics generously shared by Rene Keyzer-André and Margarita Martinez

My Home Rock Climbing Wall Just Got A Whole Lot Smaller

Months ago I was so content with my basement home rock climbing wall, neatly tucked into a cozy corner of a windowless room. Now thanks to walls like this one built by Rene and Margarita, all I can think about is moving my family into an abandoned warehouse and sleeping on mattresses positioned as fall-break padding for bouldering friends and family. Not going to happen, but still fun to see what the experienced wall builders can do with lumber, plywood, and in this case some crazy-amazing tape measuring skills (wishing I’d have done better in geometry class, sigh…). For an aspiring home wall builder to get a glimpse like this behind the plywood of a complex and massive structure, the experience is solid gold. Continue Reading…

home rock climbing wall tools

Home Rock Climbing Wall Route Setting Tools Wandering Off?

If you’ve had a home rock climbing wall for longer than a day, you’ve probably already spent what feels like a lifetime searching for your misplaced route setting allen wrench. New holds itching to get on the wall. Large holds spinning under body weight. Where is that thing! Continue Reading…