Turn a Used Climbing Rope into a Gym Rope

May 6, 2016 — Leave a comment

Not trying to get too Ninja Warrior or CrossFit here, but a good old rope climb equals some intense exercise and fun in the home climbing gym when your finger tips have been demolished by the plastic. Our home climbing wall ceiling has a 15 foot peak, probably about the minimum for installing one of these, although kids would enjoy any size. I started shopping around online for gym ropes and “fast” ropes and was immediately surprised at the prices: This one for example: 

Crossfit Gym Rope

I found a post on instrucatables.com that showed a simple way to make a fatty gym rope out of a used climbing rope. A few quick inquiries to climbing friends landed a used 60 meter rope in my possession, free of charge. The video above details the steps for those interested in adding one to their home climbing gym. If your climbing area is vertically challenged this would be equally fun in a big tree, just beware that some, especially kids, will expend all of their energy going up and not save anything for the descent or they’ll get scared and freeze at the top, which could lead to dangerous falls. 

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My kids and their friends like climbing and swinging on the rope so much that the climbing wall is not getting as much use as it once was. I’m sure the newness of the rope addition will wear off and things will equalize. The good news is they are pushing themselves and getting stronger. If you make one of these be sure your ceiling structure is strong enough to support it. Spread the load out across as many trusses as you can. 

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